Iran's supreme leader: we won't give in to illogical demands


As diplomats from the world's major powers and Iran gathered in Moscow for , the Iranian man who has the final word on all the state matters signalled that his country would not give in to "illogical" demands.

"The enemies of the system should learn a lesson from their unsuccessful experience of confrontation with the patient and striving Iranian nation," Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, told a crowd consisting of Iranian officials and Muslim countries' ambassadors in Tehran, .

"[The enemies should] be aware that arrogance, sense of superiority, and unreasonable demands in dealing with a nation that has learned resistance and unity from the Quran will go nowhere," he said.

Khamenei accused "the world's powers" of attempting to undermine his country's progresses by resorting to plots targeting the Islamic republic, an implicit reference to the assassination of the Iranian nuclear scientists in recent years.

"Over the past 33 years, our perceptive people and our beloved country have continuously been the target of world powers' plots aimed at preventing this paradigm of resistance and progress from serving as a model in the eyes of other nations," he said.

"But with the grace of God, efforts being made by all the hegemonistic powers to force the Iranian nation out of the scene will certainly be futile," he added.

Khamenei, blamed the "global arrogance", a reference to the west, Israel and the US in particular, for the world's economic difficulties and offered a solution.

"The source of all these problems is the dominance of the global arrogance (forces of imperialism) over the world and the existence of hegemonist and subservient poles," he said. "The solution to this (problem) is that nations opt out of the position of subservience and inaction. "